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Brenda Martino
Transformational Coach
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I have worn many hats during my 60+ years of life: student, teacher, coach, entrepreneur, wife, mother by adoption, and widow. All have been life changing, sometimes rewarding, and most times exhausting. As women, we are expected to handle whatever life throws at us with grace and dignity


Sometimes, it gets to be too much. When I felt as if I was going to shatter into pieces, I made the decision to seek help. Those people have guided me back to my true self, and helped me to see that I have so much to offer others who may be where I was, lost in life, unhealthy, and broken. If I can come back from that,  so can you


I am dedicated and passionate about helping women to find their true purpose, and to empower them to transform their health, wealth, and happiness


I am currently studying and pursuing credentials to become a Clarity Catalyst Coach with Jennifer Grace so that I can guide others down the enlightened path I have been on. Let me help you navigate your new path in life.  

Click on the button below and set up a discovery Zoom meeting so we can determine if this is a good fit for you.
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